Community Association Law

The Dunnuck Law Firm has extensive experience representing condominium and homeowners associations in Western North Carolina. The Dunnuck Law Firm can assist an association’s board of directors with all aspects of administering the association including the review and drafting of restrictive covenants, bylaws and other legal documents, collection of assessments, transition from developer control and the actual enforcement of the association’s governing documents.

The Dunnuck Law Firm can assist association clients with drafting collection policies and procedures.  Additionally, the law firm will file liens and institute foreclosure procedures on behalf of association clients when an owner fails to pay their assessment.

Since the Dunnuck Law Firm is accustomed to working with community associations, this firm understands that these nonprofit corporations are operating on a budget and the Dunnuck Law Firm performs legal work in a cost efficient manner.

The Dunnuck Law Firm’s objective is to assist an association’s board of directors in administering the association in a legal and reasonable manner according to the Association’s governing documents and the relevant North Carolina statutes.  The Dunnuck Law Firm will assist association clients in taking preventive measures to avoid litigation but if litigation is necessary, we will competently represent the association’s position throughout the litigation process.

The Dunnuck Law Firm can also assist individual owners that would like to have an attorney review their association’s governing documents and provide legal assistance if an individual is concerned with the board of director’s administration of the association.